Why Connecting High School, Community College and Careers Matters to US Competitiveness

Wednesday, May 18 2016 @ 1:00PM EDT

P-TECH, the first-of-its-kind grades 9-14 education model, has demonstrated great promise to reinvent high school as we know it, transforming the American education landscape and bolstering the US economy.

This education model is expanding nationally and internationally. At P-TECH schools, students obtain a high school diploma and an associates degree within a six-year period. Each student participates in integrated high school and college coursework and has a mentor, paid internships, a workplace learning course, workplace visits and the promise of being “first in line” for available jobs at the school’s partner company. Through a partnership among the New York City Department of Education, The City University of New York and the New York City College of Technology (City Tech) and IBM, the initial school opened in Brooklyn in September 2011. This school is now nearing completion of Year 5 of the six-year model. There are now 40 other P-TECH schools operating across three states with two additional schools in Australia. By Fall 2016, 20 more schools and three more states will start P-TECH programs. P-TECH’s rapid replication is the result of a number of factors, including its foundation in public-private partnership, early promising results and visionary leadership that has enabled the model to flourish.

In this webinar, you will hear from leaders who are directly engaged with this innovative education model and will learn why the P-TECH program is helping America compete in a global economy.


Doris B Gonzalez_IBM Doris B. González
Director, Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs                          
IBM Corporation


Grace Suh photo Grace Suh
Manager, Education Programs
IBM Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs
Founding Principal of the first P-TECH
program in the NYC public schools                                                
Robin Willner photo 2013 Robin Willner
Director, Leadership Council    
Sarah A Steinberg JP Morgan Chase_photo Sarah Steinberg
Vice President of Global Philanthropy                                                 
JP Morgan Chase
janiel Janiel Richards
Digital Commerce Design Developer                                                 
IBM Cloud