Sustainable Procurement II – How will the U.S. Government’s Plans Impact You?

Tuesday, May 19 2015 @ 1:00PM EDT

A Discussion with the White House Council on Environmental Quality, US General Services Administration (GSA) and the Department of Defense (DOD)

On behalf of the Responsible Supply Chain Thought Leadership Council of the CRA, we’d like to invite you to join us for the next in a mini-series of special webinars on the topic of sustainable procurement.

In our last webinar, featuring the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) and The Sustainability Consortium® (TSC), we touched on the growing activity among public agencies on the issue of sustainable procurement – cities, counties, states and nations.  Across the globe an increasing number of public agencies are measuring their own footprints, which, like companies, leads them to their suppliers and purchasing decisions.

In the United States, White House Executive Orders have evolved over the last few years in a manner that is requiring U.S. federal agencies to assess their own sustainability performance and footprints.  In fact, the new Federal Sustainability plan specifically outlines how sustainability actions of the U.S. government will impact its own procurement policies.

If you are one of the largest suppliers to the U.S. government, you might find this newly released Federal Supplier GHG Management Scorecard of particular interest.  In fact, if you are a supplier to a supplier of the U.S. government, you might also want to look at this list.  If one of your customers is included, they may very well turn to you and ask about your own GHG performance.

Given the way sustainability is rolling through supply chains, all companies need to be aware and ready for the sustainability question.  Whether large, small, public or private, if you are in a supply chain – you will want to understand how and why these questions will come to you.

Join CRA in a conversation with Kate Brandt, Federal Chief Sustainability Officer of the White House; Jed Ela, Senior Advisor, Sustainable Supply Chains at the General Services Administration (the procurement arm of the U.S. government); and David Asiello, Program Analyst at the Department of Defense, as we examine these developments and how they will influence the world’s largest supply chain.

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Mike Wallace
Managing Director                                                                                                                         


katebrandt Kate Brandt
Federal Chief Sustainability Officer                                                                                               
White House
jedela Jed Ela
Senior Advisor, Sustainable Supply Chains                                                                                   
General Services Administration
blue-silhouette-man-hi David Asiello
Program Analyst
Department of Defense