Reputation Risk – Closing the Gap

Wednesday, September 21 2016 @ 12:00PM EDT

Reputation Risk is here to stay. So what are you going to do to help a nervous CEO and Board of Directors? The CFO’s Enterprise Risk process has repeatedly flagged Reputation Risk in the VERY SCARY category, and the Communications function has prepped a crisis communications playbook, but a huge gap remains.

In essence, board-level interest in reputation risk is at an all-time high (and rising), and there is a big gap – they are not satisfied with what the CFO or Chief Risk Officer provides when it comes to Reputation Risk. This is a huge opportunity for the execs who worry about Reputation Risk, and it requires both an application of their expertise AND an effort to organize a cross-functional leadership effort to provide input to better assessments of identified systemic reputation risks and strategic plans for addressing them.

The recommendations go directly to the board and they are not a lone executive’s request – they are consensus requests from a cross-section of senior leadership. This has a number of obvious and not-so-obvious advantages: 1) the requested resources are for proactive effort (not reactive), 2) the other functions are already “on-board” with any approved plans, and 3) the “ask” is not a one-time case-building exercise, as it becomes a process that the board mandates going forward. Ultimately, this process should result in a sustainable, risk-based drive towards proactive reputation-building work (like CR).

On this webinar, Reputation Economy Advisors‘ Anthony Johndrow and Loren-Christopher Schneid will discuss reputation risk and how to address with your C-level team.


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