Reputation Management: Protecting Your Organization’s Brand

Wednesday, June 29 2016 @ 12:00PM EDT

A recent poll conducted by Standing Partnership and Edison Research, which surveyed more than 1,000 executives to identify how companies monitor and manage reputational risk, revealed commonalities in the management structure of many companies. Organizations are allocating resources to risks in the financial sphere, but neglecting to carefully monitor for reputational threats that can emerge when they are not balancing financial, environmental and social aspects of business. The survey found inconsistencies in ownership of the matter, as well as the tendency for businesses to exclude the varied perspectives of the different roles within their organization.

Reputation is viewed by 75 percent of executives as a top concern, according to EisnerAmper’s 2015 Board of Directors Survey, but it is difficult to know where to begin. For a business to make their reputation management a priority, it must draw on the valuable vantage points of those working in operations and those positioned to foresee risks facing the industry. This webinar introduces the steps that any organization can put into place when looking to protect the most valuable asset to the brand – its reputation.

CRA welcomes featured speaker Beth Rusert, a partner and senior vice president at Standing Partnership, a reputation management consulting firm. With extensive experience helping companies manage reputational risk, Beth provides expertise in developing strategic plans that leverage strengths while managing potential issues. Beth authored the white papers “Reputational Risk: How Senior Leaders Can Build Trust in Their Organizations” and “Creating Positive Social Impact: Mitigating Risk by Aligning Social Impact with Business Strategy.”


Beth Rusert Photo (2) Beth Rusert
Partner & Senior Vice President                                                                                                    
Standing Partnership