Driving the Future of the CR Profession

Wednesday, February 22 2017 @ 12:00PM EST

By popular demand, the CRA’s Professional Development TLC is offering a continuation of their hit panel session at COMMIT!Forum 2016. Were you unable to attend the conference? Looking for more information? Join us live for another opportunity to ask questions of our illustrious panel.

The changing expectations of the private sector present an electrifying opportunity for this ever-evolving profession. Businesses of all sizes will increasingly determine the economic, environmental and social outcomes of societies around the world. The CR profession can be the powerhouse of knowledge and relationships that will connect the company to its diverse array of stakeholders.

As a CR practitioner, you are being challenged to understand and relate not only to external stakeholders, but to engage, understand and lead change with virtually every function in your company.

What do these forces mean for your company, your job and your career? What will be your challenges to define your focus and role? What opportunities will you have to align internal and external expectations and resources?

This session will share the perspectives from a seasoned senior CR executive and a middle CR manager. The session will be chaired by a former chief corporate responsibility officer now consulting in CR change and leadership.


Bart Alexander 
Alexander & Associates LLC
Nick Anderson
Doris Gonzalez
Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs, Americas                                                                         
IBM Corporation
Catherine Queen
Manager of Sustainability                                                                         
WhiteWave Foods