Creating a Winning First Time Sustainability/CSR Report

Wednesday, November 18 2015 @ 12:00PM EST

Join our webinar with two of the field’s foremost sustainability practitioners – “internal” strategic advisors to the CSR reporting for many of North America’s most well-known companies – and designers of the world’s largest database of ‘external’ Sustainability/ESG ratings.

Lorinda Rowledge, PhD, Cofounder of EKOS International, and Cynthia Figge, COO and Cofounder of CSRHub and Cofounder of EKOS, provide practical advice and succinct “lessons learned” on CSR reporting.

Participants will learn how to increase the positive impact of your Sustainability Report — improving environmental performance, increasing brand value, connecting with customers, engaging employees, and accelerating a culture of continuous improvement. Whether you are tackling your first or evolving your nascent sustainability/ corporate social responsibility report, this webinar will help you improve your reporting.

We’ll address:

  • The strategic context for sustainability/CSR reporting
  • Benefits of CSR reporting to stakeholder groups
  • Evolving investor and market expectations for reporting
  • Report content: determining what to report
  • Metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) & measurement
  • Pitfalls typical for first time reporters
  • Creative direction and storyboard
  • Insights in CSR report project planning
  • Communicating your report to stakeholders
  • Company CSR ratings & benchmarking
  • Lessons learned & recommendations
  • Resources for creating your CSR report


cynthia_figge-at-Sustainable-Brands-13 Cynthia Figge
COO and Cofounder                                                                                                  
Lorinda Rowledge Lorinda Rowledge, Ph.D.
Partner and Co-founder 
EKOS International