Ryan Scott, CEO, Causecast

Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott is the founder and CEO of Causecast, the partner of choice for innovative growth companies seeking to attain unprecedented levels of employee engagement and social impact.

As the co-founder of the email marketing firm NetCreations, Ryan is widely considered the father of opt-in email marketing, setting most of the standards in use today and paving the way for laws banning unsolicited commercial email.

Ryan is an entrepreneur, technologist and philanthropist with a passion for leveraging capitalism to create positive social change.

His commitment to community engagement around social change led him to form the Impact and Education sections of the Huffington Post with Arianna Huffington, as well as the Cause Integration column in Forbes.com.

After he and his partner took NetCreations public and sold it in 2001, Ryan launched Causecast to bring cutting-edge technology to volunteer and giving programs. In contrast to the sluggish, forms-based, top-down approach that has historically dominated the employee giving and volunteering space, Causecast offers a true SAAS solution that helps enable businesses to do good while doing well.

With a focus on sharing and interaction, Causecast makes it possible – at long last — to unlock the full potential of employee-led giving and volunteering programs. The Causecast Community Impact Platform technology and Community Engagement Service model enables companies to build high-impact employee-led programs that are globally meaningful, locally relevant, and easy to manage and scale for a far lower total cost of ownership than traditional solutions.

With a particular concern for environmental degradation and social injustice, Ryan continues to write and speak extensively about topics including corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship and employee engagement. He also serves as an active member of the Keiretsu Forum, the President’s Council of Planned Parenthood, the Long Now Foundation, and the Methuselah Foundation, among others.