Responsibility Roundtable/Benefits/Specific Benefits


Roundtable benefits fall into four main categories:

  • ACCESS. Connect with other CEOs and influential thought leaders in corporate responsibility.
  • NETWORK. Be part of a global peer network and work together to tackle tough dilemmas.
  • EXCHANGE. Be recognized for your leadership and interact with other Roundtable members.
  • ATTEND. Exclusive Roundtable events, special access to elite events and speakers, and Roundtable executive meetings in your region.

Responsibility Roundtable Specific Benefits

Roundtable Meetings The Roundtable holds exclusive gatherings for its members, inviting the leading thinkers and policy makers in this field for private briefings along with guests selected by the Roundtable. Only Roundtable members in good standing and invited guests may attend.
CROA Membership After joining the Roundtable, members automatically join the CROA at its highest level and access all CROA member benefits, including attendance to the COMMIT!Forum.
Roundtable Seal Members display the Responsibility Roundtable Seal celebrating their leadership in corporate responsibility. Use of the seal is exclusive to Roundtable members in good standing.
Roundtable Recognition As the leadership society for corporate responsibility, Roundtable members are recognized and thanked regularly, including prominent mentions at the COMMIT!Forum, in CROA reports, and 0ther public forums and publications.
Exclusive Events In addition to the regular Roundtable meetings, the Roundtable organizes exclusive luncheons, private briefings, and other member-only events around the world.
Dedicated Research  The Roundtable commissions up to four annual research studies for exclusive use by members. Roundtable members also participate in setting the overall research agenda each year.
Online Collaboration Environment The CROA has established an online environment for members to interact with one another, access the membership directory, work on best practices, and share other insights. This environment is available to all CROA members for a fee, but is free to Roundtable members.
The Responsible Business Exchange  To promote responsible businesses doing business with one another, members can seek each other out to do business in our online marketplace. The marketplace is available to all CROA members for a fee, but is free to Roundtable members.
Green Room Corporate Video Profile CR Magazine produces a video profile highlighting the contributions of each Roundtable member. The video is posted to the CR online Green Room and is featured in CROA materials on corporate responsibility.
Contribute Carbon Offsets A percentage of contributions support striving toward carbon-neutrality gatherings.
Endow Scholarship Ten percent of every member contribution goes toward a scholarship for graduate studies in corporate responsibility.


To download the Responsibility Roundtable brochure click here.

For more information about the Responsibilty Roundtable, contact Executive Director Allie Williams.