Ratings & Rankings

Ratings & Rankings Thought Leadership Council

The Ratings & Rankings TLC is a tight-knit group of colleagues from corporations all over the country – all mutually engaged in the ratings and rankings area and all with unique perspectives, experiences and expertise. The TLC recognized the value and need for such ratings and rankings, and the value such efforts have for our field. TLC members also recognized that something was missing and that confusion around the proliferation of such ratings and rankings was becoming an increasing deterrent to all stakeholders. The TLC also worked closely and learned alongside the CRA and its 100 Best Corporate Citizens research partner, IW Financial, to enhance the transparency of the 100 Best methodology and communicate how this list was annually re-constituted.

These collective lessons learned have led the Ratings & Rankings TLC. Recently, the group discussed the idea to re-invite the most influential ratings, rankings and research firms to join the TLC’s monthly calls to share and discuss their methodology at a very high level and receive constructive feedback from the group. The TLC collectively pulled together a comprehensive list of known ratings, rankings and research entities and the CRA created a survey to poll TLC members on the order and type of questions the TLC  would like to discuss with these entities. The goal is to help TLC members (and other CRA members) constructively engage and learn with this important part of the sustainability field.  These calls are being scheduled bi-monthly and will begin in 2017.

Stay tuned for more information about this TLC’s efforts. Also, feel free to get engaged more directly with the CRA and this TLC by contacting Allie Williams at (215) 606-9523.

To read a recent column in CR Magazine‘s “Evolution of a CRA TLC – Ratings & Rankings”, click here.

Past work products include:


  • Laurel Peacock, Senior Manager, Sustainability, NRG Energy
  • Nancy Mancilla, CEO & Co-Founder, ISOS Group


  • Alecia Dimar, Global Public Affairs and CSR, Yum! Brands
  • Alexandra Janello Tuck, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility & Viacommunity Brand Solutions, Viacom
  • Allie Williams, Executive Director, CRA
  • Ben Kruse, Director – Sustainability Integrationr, AT&T
  • Amanda Tate, Phillip Morris
  • Andy Wu, CA Technologies
  • Bahar Gidwani, Co-Founder and CEO, CSRHub
  • Belinda Sharr, Editor, CR Magazine
  • Bill Lange, Manager of Member Services, CRA
  • Catherine EastonLockheed Martin
  • Catherine Potter, Johnson Controls
  • Charlie Lewis, Adobe
  • Chris Benjamin, Senior Manager, Corporate Sustainability, PG&E
  • Christine AckersonLG Electronics
  • Debra Vernon, Senior Director CSR, Tyson Foods
  • Douglas Hileman, DCH Consulting
  • Douglas Sabo, Vice President, Head of Corporate Responsibility & Philanthropy, Visa Inc.
  • Elizabeth Becker, Altria Group
  • Elizabeth A. Liedel, Corporate Sustainability, PG&E
  • Gayle McDonnell, Corporate Citizenship Rankings and External Reporting, Accenture
  • Gil Cubia, Johnson Controls
  • Jenn Cruchfield, CR Measurement & Reporting Lead, Adobe
  • Jonathan Balas, Yum! Brands
  • Julie Childers, Environmental Leader – Sustainability, Owens Corning
  • Karen Sommer, Director, Global Public Affairs, Johnson Controls
  • Kristina Kloberdanz, CR Leader, Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs, IBM
  • Larry Basinait, VP of Research, SharedXpertise Media LLC
  • Laura Bradford, Associate Director EHSS Strategies & Outreach, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
  • Leigh Ann Johnson, Director, Sustainability, Tyson Foods
  • Maria Cechetto, Accenture
  • Marta Chmielowicz, Social Media Specialist, SharedXpertise, Media, LLC
  • Matt Mooney, Accenture
  • Matthew Swibel, Director, Corporate Sustainability, Lockheed Martin
  • Marissa Pagnani, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, PVH
  • Megan DeYoung, Director, Corporate Citizenship
  • Michelle Crozier, Director, Corporate Responsibility, Adobe
  • Natali Archibee, Sustainability Analyst, The Mosaic Company
  • Nicole Kenny, Corporate Responsibility, PVH
  • Rebecca Leonard, TJX
  • Rey Bouknight, Director, Corporate Communications, MGM Resorts International
  • Sarah Zoeller, Yum! Brands

If you are interested in joining this Thought Leadership Council, please contact Allie Williams, Executive Director at (215) 606-9523.