What are CRA’s Thought Leadership Councils?

Allie Williams, IOM

Executive Director, CRA

The Corporate Responsibility Association Board of Advisors convened in January at the beautiful, LEED® Gold Certified Aria Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chaired by MGM Resorts International Chairman & CEO Jim Murren, the board discussed the strategic plan for 2015 including how we demonstrate value to our investors, why Corporate Responsibility is important, educational opportunities for CR practitioners and service providers, exciting activities within the Thought Leadership Councils (TLC) and unique member networking opportunities to spur overall growth and development of the organization.

This year the CRA will focus on several benefits to give our member companies extra value including: networking opportunities, awards and recognition, training and learning opportunities, exposure, appreciation for types of groups and people that make this association strong, and being an affiliation you can be proud of.

A member of the Advisory Board has been assigned as a liaison to each of the five TLC’s and will report the activities and achievements of the ongoing work.

These TLCs include:

Ratings & Rankings involves monthly calls with the most influential ratings, rankings and research firms to share and discuss their methodology at a very high level and receive constructive feedback from the group.

Professional Development is tasked with clearly establishing the CR profession and reviews the range of components that define other professions, determine which best lend themselves to establishing the role of the CR professional and create a roadmap for implementation of those components. They are also charged with the CRA Webinar Series.

Diversity & Inclusion is tasked with uncovering challenges and sharing successful models for applying tolerance and inclusion in the workplace and in communities in which we operate. The imperative for diversity and inclusion is both moral and beneficial for creating a common future and shaping stronger more resilient businesses.

Brand & Reputation Management is to stimulate education and engagement on risk management issues as they relate to brand reputation, and facilitate and promote the recognition that successful branding relates directly to a company’s ability to adhere to doctrines of corporate responsibility.

Responsible Supply Chain is a group of loyal CR professionals currently creating the purpose and mission for our activities.We will incorporate sustainable supply chain management and responsible consumption by companies and their suppliers to ensure that they and their communities thrive in a resource-constrained world. We will also consider the concepts of greater transparency and compliance into our vision.

And finally… ENGAGE!

Posted February 23, 2015 in CR Blog