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The Corporate Responsibility Association (CRA) is managed by SharedXpertise Media LLC and affiliated with CR Magazine and the COMMIT!Forum. CRA is led by a group of talented and committed individuals including:

Allie Williams, IOM, Executive Director, CRA
Phone: (215) 606-9523

Bill Lange, Manager of Member Services, CRA
Phone: (215) 606-9529

Larry Basinait, Vice President of Research, SharedXpertise Media, LLC
Phone: (215) 606-9530

Belinda Sharr, Editor, CR Magazine (Published by SharedXpertise Media, LLC)
Phone: (215) 606-9558

Elliot Clark, CEO, SharedXpertise Media, LLC

Office Location:

123 South Broad Street, Suite 1930
Philadelphia, PA 19109
(215) 606-9520 phone
(267) 800-2701 fax