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Better Business – Better World

CEOs who chose a greater accountability for themselves and their companies founded the roundtable to create a better world for their businesses and their communities.

Through the Roundtable, they address the most difficult questions of our time, such as how to:

  • Attract talent and a sustainable workforce
  • Mitigate systematic risk
  • Build responsible supply chains
  • Uplift society’s most vulnerable

Responsibility Roundtable Founding Premises

Premise #1: Financial performance is a company’s first responsibility, allowing philanthropy, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability to exist.
Premise #2: The ability to impact the tough questions facing society lies within the capability and power of our members.

Defining Purpose

The Roundtable provides a forum for CEOs to take a stand for positive change in the world. Members listen to each other and examine their greatest challenges, how they contribute to creating and solving them, and what gifts they and their companies can bring to bear. It also creates a setting to effectively collaborate in partnership with NGOs, leading academic institutions, and public policy decision-makers and influencers.

Members choose depth and understanding over speed and easy answers. They know short-term thinking caused many of today’s challenges and they commit themselves to the hard work of long-term solutions that transcend the moment. While recognizing short-term pressures never go away, they balance short‐and long-term interests and show up to learn and share, not just observe.

Members own the Roundtable experience. They choose to work for a better future. The Roundtable is not for getting or giving advice to each other or from experts and consultants who lack the authority to get things done. Members have plenty of that on payroll or retainer. The Roundtable is for those who not only believe in responsibility but also take responsibility to act on vital issues. Responsibility is not always “politically correct.” As a group, members declare where they actually stand on issues; they stand up for what matters and work together to create a better future together.

Membership Criteria & Responsibilities

CEOs are invited to join the Roundtable to exchange ideas, share information and insights, and aim to create a better world for their businesses, their employees and their communities.

Members are expected to;

  • Participate in at least one of three annual Roundtable meetings
  • Demonstrate excellence across multiple corporate responsibility domains: governance, risk, compliance, social responsibility, sustainability, citizenship, and philanthropy.

Roundtable Initiatives

Our member CEOs have shown their responsibility has grown beyond mere PR. They have the credibility to take a stand and declare these initiatives. Roundtable CEOs have a personal commitment and economic interest in bringing these issues to the forefront and their work will lead to a more sustainable future.

Talent and the Sustainable Workforce

A sustainable workforce is crucial to the long-term viability of a business. Research proves that employees are more attracted to and engaged by a responsible employer. What defines a global standard of workplace ethics? What C-Suite executive should own ethics and culture for an organization? Business requires access to an educated and diverse workforce that has basic and technical skills. Addressing these standards and creating guidelines for industry as well as fostering public/private partnerships around education and diversity are critical to the future of the Responsible Employer of the Responsible Workforce.

The Systemic Risk Project

A two-year in-depth study of the interdependencies extending across industries, borders, and cultures. The Project looks at those risks that are not readily managed by individual companies or industries but that will impact their ability to operate in the future. How will changes in trade policy and protectionism, global disease outbreaks, impacts to interdependent infrastructure, food security, access to raw materials, etc. impact us?

Building Responsible Supply Chains And Business Exchange

Creating a market where organizations can build a supply chain with companies that have agreed to a set of Corporate Responsibility Standards; and bringing their combined economic power to bear in a progressive manner.

Uplifting the Vulnerable

By working in a unified manner, can businesses pool resources to create fundamental change for the most vulnerable in our community? How can they work to improve the conditions under which they engage at risk people and communities?


Roundtable benefits fall into four main categories:

  • ACCESS. Connect with other CEOs and influential thought leaders in corporate responsibility.
  • NETWORK. Be part of a global peer network and work together to tackle tough dilemmas.
  • EXCHANGE. Be recognized for your leadership and interact with other Roundtable members.
  • ATTEND. Exclusive Roundtable events, special access to elite events and speakers, and Roundtable executive meetings in your region.

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For more information, please contact:

Allie Williams, Executive Director
Corporate Responsibility Association (CRA)
(215) 606-9523