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Our Commitment to CR Practices

Jim Murren, Chair of the CRA Chairman and CEO MGM Resorts International In March, I participated in two milestone events that will change the landscape and economy of two communities in Massachusetts and Maryland. In Maryland, MGM Resorts International celebrated the hiring of the 1,000th construction worker of MGM National Harbor, slated to open in 2016. And in Massachusetts, I participated in a ground-breaking ceremony for MGM Springfield, which is on track to open in 2017. Both resorts will be unique and complementary to the environments in which they are being built. MGM Resorts will bring together and unite the culture, art and history of the regions, along with new commerce, new business, and new hope.

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Welcome to the New CRA Website!

allie-wAllie Williams, IOM Executive Director, CRA I am pleased to announce that the Corporate Responsibility Association's brand-new website has launched. You can find the new website here. A great deal of work went into determining a new direction for the CRA website. In addition to internal discussions, we solicited suggestions from our Professional Development TLC and came away with valuable feedback, which has been integrated into the current version of the website and will also be implemented moving forward. The new website's layout has been optimized for ease of navigation using dropdowns to make it easy to find content. Recorded Webinars are now easier to find, and we will be adding one-question polls to get your feedback on upcoming topics.

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Retail Horizons: Positioning Your Sustainability Strategy for the Long-Run

Jessica McGlyn
Founder and President, Catalynics

It’s 2030. You are the CSO of a multinational Consumer Packaged Goods Company. In this era, technology has essentially taken out the middle-man and now people get everything from shoes to shampoo to sugar from distributed, self-organized networks. Goods are rapidly made and disposed of, 3-D printing is ubiquitous and consumers seek products that are highly customized to their tastes. In this new age, how will you help your company create a business model that delivers products and services with a net positive societal and environmental impact? The Retail Horizons FuturesKit, a joint project of Forum for the Future, the Continue reading →

What are CRA’s Thought Leadership Councils?

Allie Williams, IOM Executive Director, CRA The Corporate Responsibility Association Board of Advisors convened in January at the beautiful, LEED® Gold Certified Aria Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. Chaired by MGM Resorts International Chairman & CEO Jim Murren, the board discussed the strategic plan for 2015 including how we demonstrate value to our investors, why Corporate Responsibility is important, educational opportunities for CR practitioners and service providers, exciting activities within the Thought Leadership Councils (TLC) and unique member networking opportunities to spur overall growth and development of the organization. This year the CRA will focus on several benefits to give our member companies extra value including: networking opportunities, awards and recognition, training and learning opportunities, exposure, appreciation for types of groups and people that make this association strong, and being an affiliation you can be proud of.

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Our Commitment to Diversity

Jim Murren, Chair of the CRA Chairman and CEO MGM Resorts International This year, MGM Resorts International celebrates the 15th anniversary of the adoption of our Diversity Initiative. It was ground breaking at the time, and has proven to be a source of collectivism among our employees, and a point of competitive differentiation and a value proposition for the millions of guests who visit us yearly from around the globe. During the past 15 years, we have focused not only on diversifying our workforce but also have worked hard to establish and strengthen relationships within our communities. One way that we do that is by sponsoring cultural and educational activities, such as Las Vegas’ annual Dr.

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Another Data Point for Performance Reviews: Employee Volunteering

Ryan Scott

As corporate volunteerism becomes an increasingly important part of the work experience, companies are coming up with new ways to embrace volunteering and tie it to their bottom lines.

One of these innovations is linking performance reviews to volunteering, allowing employees to demonstrate skills and strengths that management might not have otherwise been able to see in action.  Conversely, managers are able to use volunteering opportunities to provide employees with new leadership and job skills that are tough (and expensive) to train for.

While it’s a fairly recent phenomenon to assess an employee’s volunteering performance as a part of an overall job performance review, the companies that do this often find that it increases volunteer participation.

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The Widening Divide to Transforming Business Value

Art Stewart
Managing Director, Strategic Impact Partners

As the reporting sector achieves new milestones in transparency, materiality and integration, other segments of the global responsibility movement struggle amidst the natural tensions created by the missionary zeal of the change agents – and the reflexive resistance of the old-guard establishment who perceives change (to say nothing of transformation) as threatening.

It’s no stretch to recognize some correlation between what characterizes America’s current public policy debates, and the tug of war to fully embrace and assimilate responsible behavior in the journey to a new business paradigm.

Justice, inclusion, equal opportunity, liberty and resourcefulness are only a few of the themes that are playing out in both arenas.

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How to Tell Staff About Your New Employee Giving Program

Ryan Scott

The wrong way:
Email to employees that looks something like this:


On behalf of [company name], I’m proud to announce the launch of our new employee volunteer program. We’re working with Causecast to make volunteering easy, so look for opportunities and information on our new online volunteer and giving platform. You’ll be receiving more emails that walk you through our new program, step by step, and you can always contact Linda in HR with any questions.

We hope to see you at our Done in a Day event next Saturday, in service for the local food bank. As you know, this nonprofit is a special one to me, and your participation means a lot to me and the rest of senior management.

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Making Sustainability Personal this Holiday Season

Kevin Lynch, Ph.D.
Leadership Executive-in-Residence
Center for Values-Driven Leadership at Benedictine University

If you are like me, you’ll spend this week recovering from a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. At my house, our adult children and a close friend joined us for quite a meal that included a 27 pound turkey that seemed just a little better than average this year.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that may better than any other begin to help us understand the idea of flourishing. Recently, I wrote about flourishing as a higher level of sustainability. John Ehrenfeld perhaps defined it best when he stated in his book, Sustainability by Design, that sustainability means “the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on the Earth forever.

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A Look Back – A Look Ahead

Allie Williams, IOM

Executive Director, CRA

A Look Back – A Look Ahead

2014 rolled in with lots of excitement. The CRA advisory board met in Las Vegas to discuss the plan for the first full year under my reign and Jim Murren’s chairmanship. I’m thrilled to say that it was an incredible year. Membership nearly doubled as did engagement with the practitioners. We discussed a pilot webinar series – perhaps three or four educational opportunities.

We completed eight with titles like:

  • CR Magazine's What Makes a Good Corporate Citizen?
  • Business Disaster Recovery: Lessons Learned & Best Practices
  • GRI -G4 and SASB™ - First time these two have ever shared a stage
  • Beyond Engaged! Unlocking your employee volunteering and giving program
  • How to Cope with Survey Fatigue
  • Corporate Culture and Change Management
  • Global Supply Chain Complexities and the Changing Risk Management Agenda
  • Leading Sustainable Change in Your Organization

2015 is sure to bring new and exciting titles to the series and I want to give thanks to the Professional Development Thought Leadership Council (TLC) for all their hard work.

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