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Update on CRA’s Thought Leadership Councils

allie-w Allie Williams, IOM Executive Director, CRA Executive Director Report February 2016

A look at what the CRA Thought Leadership Councils are doing...

The Thought Leadership Councils (TLC’s) are networking groups within the association in which members drive learning and development within the CR community. Each Council meets via GoToMeeting® teleconference on a monthly basis, providing our members the opportunity to interact with industry peers. This enables everyone to get the most out of their membership and share successes, best practices, benchmarks, trends and publish new findings. Each is chaired or co-chaired by Members dedicated to achievement of that TLC’s goals, and reports to both the Board and the community at large regarding progress toward the TLC’s goals.

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Executive Director’s Report – November 2015

allie-w Allie Williams, IOM Executive Director, CRA Executive Director Report November 2015 I looked up the definition of the word commit recently, and found it rather interesting… 1. carry out or perpetrate (a mistake, crime, or immoral act). "he committed an uncharacteristic error" 2. pledge or bind (a person or an organization) to a certain course or policy. "they committed themselves to the project" I think I prefer the second definition, at least of the two given. My definition is a bit different, as it relates to CEOs of major brand corporations, CSR and Sustainability Practitioners, and others living in the corporate responsibility community. In my humble opinion, the best definition I have for commit is promise. A promise to be more cognizant climate change, a promise to be a better steward of the environment, a promise to do my part in reducing my carbon footprint, a promise to be a better leader and employee, a promise to give back to my community and a promise to work with people who share these obligations.

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Women’s History Month 2016

Jim Murren, Chair of the CRA Chairman and CEO MGM Resorts International March is deservedly designated as Women’s History Month when we recognize the victories, struggles, and stories of the women who have made our world what it is today. At MGM Resorts, supporting women and their careers is one way that we demonstrate our enduring dedication to diversity and inclusion. Every March, in recognition of Women’s History Month, the company hosts “Women Inspiring Women.” It gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation to women who make a difference in the Las Vegas community—within our company and beyond. These women are leading the way in many respects, so it is our privilege to gather them together in celebration.

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4 Different Brand Ranking Systems Show Common Ties to Perceived Sustainability Performance

By Jennifer Saunders and Bahar Gidwani, CSRHub Many aspects of a company’s performance affect its brand value. Marketing spend, distribution strength, and product quality all have proven effects. This study indicates that a company’s perceived sustainability performance may be another important factor. In 2013, CSRHub showed that its measures of perceived corporate sustainability performance had a 28% correlation with Brand Finance’s Brand Strength Indicator (BSI). CSRHub recently published an update that showed this correlation continues to persist for financial companies. This study extends our analysis to include three other independent brand ranking systems:
  • RepTrak Pulse Score.

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What Amazon’s Work Culture Tells Us About Employee Disengagement

Ryan Scott CEO Causecast The New York Times’ recent expose of working conditions inside Amazon has set off a tsunami of discussion about how far Corporate America is willing to push employees to excel. The piece describes a dystopian universe where Amazon employees are encouraged to anonymously report on each other through the company’s Big Brother-esque management software; where people are put on notice that their jobs are on the line when they’re distracted by personal crises like cancer or a stillborn child; and steady turnover is characterized as “purposeful Darwinism.” The writers, Jodi Kantor and David Streitfeld, interviewed more than 100 Amazon employees as part of their research, and the piece has stirred up so much reaction that it’s since become the most commented upon article in NYT history.

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Are You Ready for COMMIT!Forum 2015?

allie-w Allie Williams, IOM Executive Director, CRA I trust you are all enjoying summer and hope you’ve had or will have an opportunity to spend some time with family, friends and loved ones to unwind a bit and rejuvenate before an exciting conclusion of 2015. I recently attended the Sustainable Brands Conference in San Diego and saw how companies are reducing their environmental impact and making a positive mark on their communities. In late July, I visited McKinney, Texas, and spent time with Daniel Jones, CEO of Encore Wire. We talked about their product value, water efficiency, materials and resources, innovation and design and the Encore TechLab, a building meeting LEED® platinum standards. What a great story they have and I will share more in a CR Roundup feature in the next CR Magazine. The CRA is gearing up for a sensational opportunity to once again collaborate with CR Magazine’s COMMIT!Forum this October 21-22 at the TKP Conference Center in New York City.

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In Appreciation of Our Military Servicepeople

Jim Murren, Chair of the CRA Chairman and CEO MGM Resorts International MGM Resorts International realizes that our nation can take for granted the very things that are the most noteworthy for selflessness, and the very people who deserve the most gratitude – the men and women who are our nation’s veterans in a voluntary armed force. Astonishingly, only about one percent of Americans choose the calling of military service on behalf of our country. The security and protection of our nation – and our freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness – rest in the hands of these few Americans who volunteer for service. In return for the responsibility they willingly accept on behalf of all of us, we owe them no less than our full support.

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Diversity and Inclusion: MGM’s Efforts

Jim Murren, Chair of the CRA Chairman and CEO MGM Resorts International Let's talk about the importance of diversity. John Naisbitt's leading research on the "megatrend" futuristic trends of society-- the economy, governments, lifestyles, the workplace--over the last three decades has observed and further predicted the seismic global changes in those and other areas of life that have been largely facilitated by technology. His research, first published in 1982, has also informed and impacted actions across all pillars of societal institutions. Key to Megatrends is the breakdown of hierarchies. Rigid controls have given rise to pluralism, individuality, and diversity which, when joined with mega-data, has sped the volume and velocity of change, particularly in business.

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CRA’s Thought Leadership Councils: Better than Ever!

allie-w Allie Williams, IOM Executive Director, CRA The CRA Thought Leadership Councils have been functioning full throttle lately. A quick recap of some of the latest activities include educational webinars, providing session material for consideration at the COMMIT!Forum in October, deep dive presentations and open discussions with some of the top ratings and rankings research firms. I will highlight a couple of TLC’s here: The Ratings & Rankings TLC conducts monthly calls some of the most influential ratings, rankings and research firms to share and discuss their methodology at a very high level while receiving insightful and constructive feedback from the group.

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Congratulations to CRA Members on 100 Best Corporate Citizens List!

allie-wAllie Williams, IOM Executive Director, CRA This is a very exciting time of year for CR practitioners, some of whom are buried deep in report writing for their company’s Sustainability, CSR, Corporate Citizen or Annual Reports. The Corporate Responsibility Association engages with many companies struggling to find a balance with survey fatigue, launching of a new strategic CR initiative and submitting the proper documentation to the ratings & rankings research firms in hopes of their deserved recognition. For the past 16 years, this publication has been responsible for announcing the list of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens and this year, 31 of the companies we celebrate are Continue reading →