Art Stewart, Managing Director – Strategic Impact Partners

Art StewartArt Stewart
Managing Director, Strategic Impact Partners
Research Fellow, Center for Business Ethics – Bentley University
CR Educator, Speaker and Writer

Art heads Strategic Impact Partners, a growth and market leadership development firm. Most recently he was Vice President of Corporate Development for a Boston-headquartered management consulting firm focused on sustainable global supply chain transformation for Fortune 500 companies in key industries such as oil and gas, chemical, food manufacturing, transportation, and private equity. Previously, he was Founder and President of Stewart Strategies Group LLC, an independent firm that offered C-suite strategy development services to a wide range of pioneering corporate, nonprofit, and public sector organizations in North America and Europe.

As an educator, he developed a curriculum in Corporate Responsibility and launched the undergraduate edition at Emerson College. He is a Research Fellow at the Bentley University Center for Business Ethics, and continues to write and speak widely. Art earned an M.P.M. from Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy as well as a postgraduate certificate in Senior Executive Leadership, also from Georgetown. He holds an undergraduate degree in Mass Communications from Emerson College and has completed “Dealing with an Angry Public,” with the MIT-Harvard Law School Public Disputes and Negotiation Program.

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